Have you ever wondered how Acupuncture and Laser Therapy works? Watch this video of a true miracle and you will find out! This was put together by our very own, Dr. Dulake! Please call our office for more info!

Here is a testimonial from Lilah’s Mommy…

When I brought Lilah in to see Dr. Dulake on May 16th she had no use of her hind legs, completely dragging herself around using her front legs. I had no expectation of what acupuncture would do and if it would help in anyway. To my complete shock and excitement, within four days of Lilah’s first acupuncture and laser therapy session she was using her hind leg and scratching her ear. After about three weeks of acupuncture weekly combined with laser therapy, Lilah began regaining some sensation in her toes and beginning to stand on all fours. It is now just a little over six weeks since Lilah experienced the trauma to her back, and she is walking on her own! I am completely confident that with the continued acupuncture and laser therapy that Dr. Dulake and her team have provided, Lilah is going to make a complete recovery.
-Elena Haddad