ProHeart6 – Heartworm Preventive 2 Doses 1 Full Year of Protection!

Now is the best time to talk with us about a safe, easy and convenient way to protect your dog from heartworm disease with just two doses a year. We offer an injectable solution—so your best friend is protected from heartworm disease—and you’ll never have to worry about remembering to give a monthly preventative again.

Call us today to make your appointment and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected from deadly heartworm disease all year round with just two doses a year!

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On March 31st, 2017 the LA County Veterinary Public Health Department was alerted to an outbreak of Canine Influenza (Dog Flu).

Canine Influenza is a contagious virus that causes a respiratory infection in dogs and occasionally in cats. It was first detected in the United States during a large canine influenza outbreak in the Chicago area starting in early 2015, during which over a thousand dogs were reported ill in the Chicago/Midwest area before the infectious cause was discovered. It has not been known to cause illness in people. The good news is a vaccine is available to protect dogs against it.

Canine Influenza can range from milder forms that are similar in nature to “Kennel Cough” to more severe forms that can result in hemorrhagic pneumonia. The LA County Veterinary Public Health Department is recommending that all dogs that interact with other dogs should be vaccinated against Influenza.

As such we are recommending your dog be protected. Please call us to schedule an appointment for the Canine Influenza vaccination.